Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The secret of room #2015

Foreign agent: in which room did he die?
Me: in room #2015

No one knew who he was, where he came from, but the reality is that he wasn't from earth. He was brought to the facility by volunteers, along with 5 other people who said they were his family, but later we found out that he was adopted after being found in the woods, the woman who said was his mother took him in and raised him. Everyone in the town knew how she had found him, but no one ever came forward to claim him as their baby, now 22 years later very weak from breathing the toxic air. The volcano has taken many lives and the few that remained were brought to us for shelter. We had surveillance cameras and microphones all over the facility which was normal for the type of facility we were. We were just helping the area by allowing the survivors shower, rest, eat and sleep until they were relocated to the camps. After his death his body turned into a flash of light and was never seen again. His family were arrested and taken away by the people in foreign uniform. More is unknown. He came into our facility and before he died the cameras recorded him saying the following out loud as if reading it from a book to an invisible listener.

As recorded on 01/22/77 11:00pm -

I saw the awakening began to cover the whole earth, the dimensions of reality were seen by the masses, I survived. In my mind I saw the blinding. My heart could think and my physical eyes were blurred by the shift. As I took my self into a different time and location, I was surrounded by the beautiful clear water 1 ft deep with round areas 7 feet deep and areas 11 ft deep and the warm sun on my skin and the cool wind blowing my hair. I wished all humanity by my side and called this new reality 2015. I asked the masses to wake up and they did and the beauty of this new reality was amazing. Art and kindness took all the books of the law and prehistoric history disappeared. Suffering was no more and the sick were restored god walked on the earth and the mirrors saw his faces his was the face of everyone who dedicated his mind and heart to the kindness of life and the beauty of the heart the compassion of him healed my wound. Tears of joy were the new norm. I saw this once and once was enough for an eternity.  I was revived and my beautiful reality of 2015 was no more the lies came back in the form of prisons which kept my soul in my body and my body in boxes too small for me or anyone for that matter.  Knowing I would return to 2015 kept me and hope ever present. I suffered 10 times more each minute knowing I was no longer a permanent resident of 2015 but of the earth of a man king a king who ruled with his height and weight. Who has ever ruled a true kingdom with  his height and weight? No one never its a sad truth of this reality and what's worst is that non humans had captured this kings of the land and made them do their will , this kings were the saddest most weak people I had ever seen. I cried for them many times and in time I learned to pray. Tears did no good but prayer actually created a n energy which allowed the kings to see thru the lies but being so horrific they rather be blind then see the horror of their true self. Now, what could I do to help them be more courageous and have the will and beauty,  which they and us,  have inherited from our god father, the true king of life, a king who rules with love and beauty, where the word, war, only means to turn away from hurt and pain caused by the objects which man has created.  I have said too much in this reality,  but it was needed to be said,  because I know that when I awake up, I will no longer have the will to continue telling you these truths.  I love you earth.  May someday you too see the beauty, I once saw in you. Don't perish without first becoming this beautiful truth.

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